How I Cured My Migraines Using a Ketogenic Diet

This blog post discusses how the ketogenic diet has improved my personal battle with migraine headaches. It is a n=1 anecdotal story. The results have been so positive that I decided to share. This is not intended to be personal medical advice. If you are suffering from frequent headaches, please seek medical attention. My Background… […]

How Food Can Influence Concussion Recovery: Part II

In PART I of this blog post I discuss some of the fundamental mechanisms underlying concussion pathophysiology and I explore the interplay between glucose, insulin release, fat intake, ketosis, and neurologic recovery. In part II, we will discuss how omega-3 fatty acids support general neurologic health and the potential therapeutic role for concussions. I will then attempt to establish some practical takeaways, […]

How Food Can Influence Concussion Recovery: Part I

It is autumn here in the States and to many Americans that means that a new football season is among us. From young children to the professionals, athletes are now participating in one of our favorite past times. To me, as a spectator, this time of year means grilling lots of meats, hanging out with friends […]

Your Tendons on Cake

  Tweet Take Home Points… Long-term dietary behaviors play a pivotal role in maintaining healthy tendons People with diabetes are prone to poor tendon health due to accumulation of advanced glycation end products, collagen cross links, inflammation and oxidative damage Higher average blood glucose levels, still considered in the normal range, are associated with other […]